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MicroSyst’s suppliers are universally known companies in Europe and America as well as Bulgarian firms most of which have ISO certificate and their products have certificate for quality as well. MicroSyst’s clients are leading firms of the chemical industry, pharmacy, machinery construction, ore mining, metallurgy, wood working plant and military industry as well as firms of food industry, milk and meat industry, brewage, wine industry, bakery and other.

MicroSyst is well known on the market for industrial equipment. We regularly take part in fairs, special exhibitions on which we gained medals.



The Microsyst Calibration Laboratory Reg. № 14-lk expanded the range of accreditation Order № 81/12.03.2018 (BDS ISO/IEC 17025:2006)


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Microsyst Calibration Laboratory - Plovdiv, Bulgaria - Tel: +359 32 642 519, Fax: +359 32 640 446 - E-mail: office@microsyst.net.