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Food Industry

Food and beverages must be produced and stored at certain temperatures to maintain their quality. Also an even pressure flow through the process pipelines are important to avoid blockage in the pipes. During transportation to distribution points and the consumers, products need to be contained under certain specified conditions.


The reasons why we calibrate within the food industry are:

  • To meet ISO9000;
  • To obtain traceability;
  • To meet official regulations;
  • To optimize quality;
  • To save energy;
  • To achieve optimum machine performance;
  • To minimize reprocessing costs;
  • To reduce unexpected repairs;
  • To reduce waste of raw materials;
  • To reduce pollution;


The Microsyst Calibration Laboratory Reg. № 14-lk expanded the range of accreditation Order № 81/12.03.2018 (BDS ISO/IEC 17025:2006)


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