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Power & Energy

In order to achieve optimum machine performance, improve efficiency of plants and at the same time save energy it is important to detect all deviations from desired plant operation. This is for example done measuring temperatures in eg. boilers, motors, feed water, generators or measuring pressure in oil bearing turbine pumps, high voltagestransformers etc.


The reasons why we calibrate within the power energy industry are:

  • To meet ISO9000;
  • To obtain traceability;
  • To meet official regulations;
  • To optimize quality;
  • To save energy;
  • To achieve optimum machine performance;
  • To minimize reprocessing costs;
  • To reduce unexpected repair;
  • To reduce waste of raw materials;
  • To reduce pollution;
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Based on the demands for better quality control, increased production efficiency and reduced energy consumption in a wide variety of industrial processes, temperature and pressure must be accurately controlled. Data from the applied measuring equipment however does not always provide the required accuracy to the process.

Before the measuring equipment can accurately control the process, the equipment itself must first be measured accurately. This is important since data from temperature and pressure instruments directly affects the quality of the products produced, the efficiency of production processes, and the quality of the products delivered to the customer.
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Power & Energy Industry


The Microsyst Calibration Laboratory Reg. № 14-lk expanded the range of accreditation Order № 81/12.03.2018 (BDS ISO/IEC 17025:2006)


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